PrestaShop Email Templates

PrestaShop Email Templates

The #1 source for PrestaShop email templates. Choose the perfect email design for your PrestaShop online business that matches the design of your website.

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This section provides the guide for setting up, testing, and customizing your email templates.

Setting Up PrestaShop Email Templates

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Setting Up Email Templates

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Customize Email Templates

If you want more than just the basic change of logo, colors, and text that can be done from your PrestaShop back office and want your new emails to meet the exact design language with your website, this section provides the guides you need.

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Customize PrestaShop Email Templates

Custom Designs & Development

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by “one purchase for all your future PrestaShop based projects”?

At least four times per year, we come with new email template designs & bug-fix updates. We want to build a community around email templates and offer this community our other solutions.

What is included?

All standard transactional emails are included. If you are using a third-party module to send emails, then you will have to ask those developers how to set their emails.

Can I use all 20 styles?

Yes, but keep in mind that a website can use only one active email template at a time.

Is it a module?

No, it is a design. Think about email templates as a PrestaShop theme but for emails.

Do I need coding skills?

Basic customization, like changing the logo, text, and colors, can be done from your PrestaShop back office. For more advanced customization, you will need some basic HTML & CSS skills.

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